Saturday, October 31, 2009

Attempt to Fix Up the House

The guest bathroom in our home is a mess. I am not sure who designed it and/or added some special details, but I am pretty sure they did not know what they were doing. First off, the bathroom is VERY small. There is just enough room for a bathtub, toilet and sink. When you sit on the toilet, your knees touch the tub. In addition, someone decided to come back and add plastic tile to the walls and ceiling that did not really match the existing tile. Another nice quirky thing about the bathroom is that the light switch is inside the cabinet. I could keep going but I am going to stop.

Every time I think about the things I want to do in there, I get overwhelmed and just really want to gut the thing and start over. Until that day comes, I decided that it was time to fix the light fixture. The light in there was a fluorescent light hung over the mirror over the sink. It looked horrible, it buzzed, and it gave off ugly light.

I bought a very cheap light fixture at the Habitat for Humanity home store that I felt was vintage enough to fit the bathroom. I got home and just went for it. I took down the light to find discolored and missing tiles behind the old light fixture. Oh well, I had gotten this far. I got the new light fixture set up and actually working.

In the end, I am not really sure it would be considered an improvement. The light fixture is better looking (I think), the light is better, and it does not buzz. But, there are now discolored and missing tiles surrounding it and it is located a little higher than it should be. Oh well, I tried.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Celebrating 2 Years

That is right folks, Zach and I have been married for 2 incredible years as of yesterday. We celebrated with a dinner at an amazing find of a steak house for dinner and cake to follow. The steak house was definitely a find by Zach. It is located on the edge of Madison and has been around for like 60 years. We had no idea what to expect, but it was a great dinner. There were many regulars, 2 for 1 delicious filet mignon (hence the regulars), a piano bar, white linens and candlelight at the tables, and Halloween lights. Are you getting the vibe? We do plan on going back.

After dinner, we came home to enjoy our yearly cake. I am attempting to start a tradition. We did not save any of our wedding cake and said that we would just buy a cake last year to enjoy. Now, I plan on having a cake from a different bakery every year. Our wedding cake was from Darlene's, last year was from Sweet n' Sassy, and this year the cake was from A Piece of Cake. I think this one has been my favorite so far. Still many more to go:D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Tree Growing in Our Living Room

I reveal to you our dining room finished (at least for now:D)

The above 2 pictures are the two walls that have been finished since my last post on the progress of this room. If you would like to see the rest of the room, you can go here and here to previous posts.

To see the before, go here.

The In-Laws Visit

Zach's parents came to visit us this weekend. It was a lot of fun to have a weekend with them. We did a lot and had a lot of fun. There was a lot of food involved, which you have to love. On Saturday we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was good, but I must say that my attention span ran out about half way through, but still good. We also had a good time playing Scattergories, listening to live music, and eating together.

On the fixing end of things...Zach and Dr. Bob fixed the curtain rod, toilet, and began fixing our front lights to be on a light sensor. In addition, they gifted us with a pole that extends out with a saw and clippers on the end to cut dead branches of tress. Zach had fun with that today. What a weekend!

Zach fixing the toilet. Might I mention that it was a timely break since we had experience in the form of Dr. Bob to help.

Zach using the new tool to cut down dead limbs.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween is Taking Over

I LOVE fall. For me, Halloween is the ultimate celebration of fall. I love Halloween so much. I love little kids dressed up coming to my door to get free candy with a chill in the air. I love the jack-o-lanterns. This is all to Zach's chagrin. He does not love fall like I do and he definitely doesn't love Halloween like I do. So, he is somewhat appalled by the decor that I have put up, mostly outside of the house. Take a look...
The look at night.
The large pumpkins to the left is what is Zach's least favorite.

My favorite part.

Today, Zach was cleaning spiderwebs off the windows, etc. When I came home, he said, "I am not sure why I am cleaning spider webs off the windows so that you can replace them with fake ones." Thank you honey for making room for my spider web:D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Need to Cry Over Spilled Paint

I have been painting in the dining room over the past week or so. I have spent hours in there painting. Well, today something new happened. I dropped the quart of paint. Yep, that is right. There was now about 1/2 a quart of very red paint all over our dining room floor. I grabbed a spoon and spatula to try to get up as much as I could. Then it was paper towels and a putty knife to try to get paint out of the spaces in our hardwoods. I am sure I missed some, but I did my best. There was definitely no time to take a picture or to cry over it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Yesterday, I went to the Y to exercise after work. I went and "ran" on the elliptical. After that, I headed to the weight room to do some ab and glut work. I was in there for about 5-10 minutes doing some different things. Then I was out.

As I was walking out the front doors, a guy walking out behind me said, "That was quick."

I gave him a confused look and said "What?"

Guy: "Oh, I must have the wrong person."

He continued to look at me as we went different directions in the parking lot.

Guy: "Weren't you just in the weight room?"

Me: "yes"

Guy: "You weren't in there for very long"

Me: "No, I wasn't. I did cardio first and was just doing some things in the weight room before leaving."

Guy: "You might not want to make a habit of that."

Well, thank you Mr. As a matter of fact, I didn't make a habit of it. Today, I didn't exercise at all. That means zero time in the weight room. I am sure that is what he would have wanted.

There has to be an Explanation

So, not a week after my story of locking myself out of my house, I have another story for you.

This past Friday night, The Farewell Drifters were asked to play the Full Moon Pickin Party at Percy Warner Park. Later that night, they had their last showcase of the week at IBMA. We piled into the van and headed to the park. Because of crazy traffic, we got to the park a little after 7pm which is when they were supposed to begin playing. To say the least, things were hectic.

The boys piled out of the band and threw things together on stage. I was trying to figure out merch stuff when Zach asked me to get his water bottle out of the band. When I bringing it back to him, a lady stopped me to tell me about merch stuff. I dropped off the water bottle and then got working on setting up merch. After I finished this, I sat down to watch the show. I few songs in, I put my hands in my pocket to realize I didn't feel the keys. I started retracing everything I did. I was pretty sure that I didn't lock them in the car. I was pretty sure, but not at all positive that I didn't hand them to Zach with his water bottle. But where could they be? I had to have given them to Zach. When the boys finished, Zach came back to the merch tent and asked me for the keys. Uh oh.

So the search began. I forgot to mention that we parked behind the stage, so I was trying not to cause a scene as I searched. After 15 minutes of searching, I found them under someone's camping chair cover.

The sad part is that it is not shocking that I lost the keys. As noted by to incidents in the past week, this is not uncommon for me. Since I have been driving, I have had this problem. The house ordeal is a newer one. I must have some genetic defect that involves keys. Anyone know of anything like that?