Saturday, April 30, 2011

Someone Finally Noticed

I have told many people now that I am pregnant. In response, I often get some kind of response indicating that I don't look pregnant. Really people!? I really don't like to hear that. I understand that I am not huge and I think they feel like it is a compliment, but it is not. I used to have a small waistline. I no longer have a small waistline. I completely understand how a stranger might not be able to tell that I am pregnant, but people I see on a regular basis I really feel should be able to tell a difference. Of course, those closest to me are the ones I told first so they have seen me grow.

Anyways, that soap box was all to say that someone finally noticed that I was pregnant!!! It was an aide in a classroom and she looked at me when I was walking out of the classroom with one of my kids and said "Is that a baby bump?" I was so excited. I said, "Yes it is! Thank you for noticing." Then she proceeded to tell me that she knew it had to be since I normally have such a small waist. Thank you! She sure knows how to make a pregnant woman feel good:D

For anyone interested, I attempted to take a picture of myself today since I was wearing clothes that I felt showed my belly. I apologize for the quality. Here you go...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Know the Weather

In April, I have traveled to OH and WV. Zach and I headed to OH to see Guster for his birthday present. Then 2 weekend later, I hopped in the van with The Farewell Drifters to head to WV for the first time. I could go into all kinds of details about each of these trips, but instead I want to share how horrible I am at dressing correctly for weather. For OH, I looked up the weather and packed accordingly...or so I thought. We made it to OH and I was freezing!

You would think I would learn my lesson and I packed a little warmer than I thought I needed to for WV, but once again, I was freezing. I definitely did not predict that it would be snowing the next morning when we woke up to leave. I don't think that my flip flops were anywhere close to appropriate for the weather.

I must admit that my lack of ability to know what to wear also happens here in Nashville though not as big of a deal. I do a little better here because at least I have the day before to go by. So, if yesterday was 65 and cloudy and today is 70 and sunny then I attempt to adjust accordingly.

I need to make myself a chart that tells me what to wear when it is 50 and partly cloudy vs 65 and cloudy vs 45 and sunny. Anyone want to help me with that?