Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy, Busy

Several weeks ago now, Zach and I took the leisurely path to New Orleans by driving the Natchez Trace. This is a beautiful road! It was made to drive. It has soft curves and up and downs. It is just enough to keep you interested, but not enough to make it hard to drive. The leaves were changing. We camped out the first night and stayed with my Mississippi cousins the second night and then we were in New Orleans.

Zach had only been to New Orleans one time previously and that was on a mission trip to help clean up many months after Hurricane Katrina. We were there to go to one of my friends weddings, but we also got to hang out with one of Zach's really good friends. We had a great time eating, hanging out in the French Quarter, going to a Jazz Club (which also had people doing the jitter bug to the music), hanging out in the City Park and thrift store shopping. It was all a blast and the wedding was beautiful. This is a picture of us at the wedding reception.

Following this trip, Zach demolished our bathroom in just 3 days. It is stripped to the studs! Then the Farewell Drifters took off on tour again. I caught up with them in Birmingham for the weekend. Zach will come home tomorrow and the bathroom will begin to be rebuilt starting Monday.