Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Night!

So, yesterday was one crazy day. I woke up early to go on a walk with the women's ministry from my church. Come to find out it was cancelled because of rain (not too much a surprise since it has rained for 2 weeks straight and all the night before). Back to bed for a bit. Then it was on to borrowing a projector to do a home project (more to come on that). Little did I know that would be a little harder than anticipated, but I got it done. Then to several hours of grocery shopping at 4 different stores (price shopping requires a lot of stores sometimes). Home again to clean, paint a mirror, and bake cookies. Then friends came over to hang out. This is where it gets interesting...

After a few hours of hanging out, we decided to take some cookies to another friend who does not currently have a car and was stuck at home on a Saturday night (no fun at all). So out the door. We climbed into the Blazer. This is when I decided to get the map out of Focus since I had never been to this friend's house before. At that moment, I realized I had locked my keys in the house. This meant, no map and no way to get back into the house (our friends lost their spare key and Zach was out of town). Oops. After returning from the cookie drop off, we attempted to break into the house. We tried the credit card deal, we tried popping the cover off the kitty door. No luck at all. Then my friend realized that we could completely take the kitty door off by undoing some screws. It worked!!!

I have now put the head of the screws on the inside of the door, so no luck in the future. I need to get someone a spare key. I go to put up some tools in the garage to find 3 cats in the garage. I try to chase them out, but I can't figure out if they are out or not. I would think they were out and then after a few minutes I would see them lurking around again. Eventually I gave up and just closed the garage door. I put some treats on the inside, so that I would know if they were in there.

This morning when I woke up and opened the door, the treats were gone. I looked around and found no cats. So, off to church. When I returned, I opened my car door to meows. I found the cat, which ran off and out of the garage. There are still possibly more cats in the garage. We shall see.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What didn't I do this week?

What a crazy life I have created for myself. This past week included:

Work, exercise, making of 3 desserts, Not For Sale TN meeting, Zumba, home group potluck, dinner party for 6 (I had difficulty figuring out amts for 6 people so we are still eating that dinner), midnight Farewell Drifters show, up next morning at 9am to KY for street festival, movie, church, Settlers of Catan with friends, and neighborhood board meeting. Whew.

Somewhere in there, we went to pull up our tomato cages from the garden and Zach decided to check out the carrots just for fun. And what do you know, we had some carrots. Perhaps a bit deformed, but carrots just the same:D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh, my eyes

For a few weeks, I have been cursing my eyes. I have had days where I had to come home and lay down because they hurt so bad. It is not unusual for me to only be able to wear my contacts until dusk and then they start bothering. I guess I asked for it...

On Friday morning, I woke up and my left eye hurt a little. Not alarming to me because of the above mentioned. I put in my contacts and went about my day. After an hour of work, I knew that I needed to take my contacts out that something was uncomfortable, but once again, not too unusual. I didn't have time to go home, so I just dealt with the discomfort. When I got home, I immediately took out my contacts and put on my glasses. I tried rinsing my eyes out with eye solution and tried resting them for a bit. Then it was off to the state fair. As the evening progressed, my eye began to get very pink and began to hurt. By 9pm, I was in a lot of pain and knew something was up. I called Dr. Bob, my father in law, to get his opinion. He instructed me to cover my eye with a patch to keep the eye closed. His prediction was a corneal abrasion.

The next morning, things were even worse. I was not able to open my left eye at all and barely could open my right eye. Any light really made my left eye hurt. I consulted back with Dr. Bob and he told me to go see someone that it sounded like I had iritis. Through series of phone calls, I was able to find an on call eye doctor willing to come in to look at my eye. Thankfully I had a friend willing to drive me since I still had one eye at best. He confirmed that I had a corneal abrasion AND iritis. He gave me some drops and sent me home.

After a few hours, I was finally able to watch TV (that light prevented me from doing so earlier). This was huge since I had spent about 16 hours unable to do anything. That night I decided that I really wanted to go to Shakespeare in the Park since it was my last chance this year to go. So, I sat through the show with a hoodie draped over my left eye. Thankfully people weren't looking at me, or else they would probably think I was nuts. I am really glad I went, but the lights and wind definitely bothered my eye.

Today, everything was so much better. I have been able to use the computer and watch TV. I still wasn't able to drive or go outside without the light bothering my eye. I am hopeful that I will be able to drive tomorrow and work! I don't really have a choice.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Sorry updates have been lacking...

For the past two weeks, I don't believe that Zach and I have had a single day without something planned. From house warming parties to music videos. That's right, music videos. Josh and Dean from The Farewell Drifters were playing with one of our friends and he wanted them in the music video. The band needed an audience and so Zach and I went along to be a part of the audience. At the last minute, The Farewell Drifters ended up recording a music video as well since everything was already set up. I am a little worried about being in both videos. In general, I don't like video cameras capturing me. At the same time, I am really excited to see what it looks like. Hopefully it won't be too long. I will be sure to post it when it comes out.

We also had the pleasure of going home to see my family. We do not go home enough. I got to see a lot of my family. I got to spend some time with my grandparents which is such precious moments to me. They mean more than they will ever know to me. I consider my grandparents a part of my immediate family (mom, dad, sister, brother and grandparents). I saw them every week growing up and they went with us on most vacations. My grandfather is the most humble, gentle, wise, loving, etc man I know. I look up to him beyond words can describe.

In addition to my grandparents, I also got to spend time with my aunt, cousin, and second cousin. They all are so much fun to be around and I wish that I could see them more often than I. I have such an amazing family.

Life has come to a sudden halt for me over the past 2 days, as I am sick. Zach is out listening to a band and I am semi-babysitting (I am just here while she is sleeping as I sick and should not really be around her much). I hope I get well soon though because I would like to go the state fair and the Shakespeare in the Park this weekend. We shall see.