Friday, August 27, 2010

Too Long

It has been so long since I posted, I have been procrastinating starting again because of how much I have to catch up on. Some things that come to mind are Colorado, a man climbing our trees, the woman on the downtown sidewalk, beginning of a new school year, creating a photo book, etc. But, what I am going to start with telling you about is my impulse buy today.

So, about a month ago now, my sister got me to sign up for Groupon (a daily coupon for something in your area). I get an email everyday with the coupon of the day. I have been slightly interested in one or two of them, but for the most part just immediately delete them. Well, today the coupon was for one of my secret desires....laser hair removal. I have told Zach several times that if we had money to spend, I would get lasik and laser hair removal. Today's coupon was for 85% off laser hair removal. I hardly ever make an impulsive buy. And when I do, it is for something that is 50 cents, not for larger ticket items. But, today I broke out of my mold. I am both excited and nervous about this adventure. What have I done?