Friday, April 30, 2010

A Feathered Friend

We have a robin that decided to build its nest in our light fixture right outside our back door (the door we use to enter and exit the house). This is a bit of a controversy in our home because Zach tried to take apart the nest while the robin was building it to discourage it from building there. Despite Zach's efforts, the robin pushed on and completed its nest. The controversy is that Zach wanted me to move the nest, but my thoughts are if the robin was so insistent on building there, then let it stay.

So, now we disturb the robin a lot. My hope was that it would just huddle down in its nest and watch us, but it doesn't. Every single time we come through the door, it flies off and watches us from a nearby tree.

Today, Zach disturbed her and somehow an egg was broken in the process. I am not sure whether he is completely innocent, but he claims he is. Anyways, I checked out the nest to see what was in there and this is what I found...
So, we are one down, but there are still three little robin eggs left that I hope will make it to flight.